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Wp Foto Vote features

Passionately Coded

I have been developing this plugin for nearly 2 years and have invested countless time and energy into its development. I am committed to constantly improving WP Foto Vote and have it remain the best photo contest plugin for WordPress.

Quick start

After installing, you can create a contest, display it on your website, add photos or allow users to upload photos within minutes.

Multi-language + WPML support

All public text can be fully translated into any language in admin area within 10 minutes. Admin can be translated with .po files. Also, an addon is available to allow integration with WPML.


All packages include 10 preset skins. If you have CSS and HTML experience, creating your own will be easy by modifying the existing skins.

Protection against cheating

Select from 7 different security settings for your contest, allowing for maximum anti-cheat filtering.

Collect users' emails

Configurations allow for data collection: If ‘Email field’ or ‘IP+Subscribe’ is configured in the setup, the plugin stores all the data which can in turn be exported and uploaded into services such as MailChimp.

Professional support from developers themselves

Purchase of any package or add-on includes professional, knowledgeable support from the developer. This includes both email and online chat support.

Buy once, use forever

You can keep using WP Foto Vote even after the license expires (however you won’t benefit from support anymore after license expiration).

14 Days Refund Policy

Complete money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the plugin.

Addon support

WP Foto Vote can be extended with free or premium addons. The plugin is also custom dev friendly so you can extend it yourself with very little difficulty.

Excellent plugin, and super effective support! Max is one of those providers you want to work with. Available, dedicated and polite, the whole package. Thank you for your very good work!


Voting features:

Upload features:

Additional features:


contest list / 2.2.1 contest list / 2.2.1
settings / 2.2.1 settings / 2.2.1
settings 2 / 2.2.1 settings 2 / 2.2.1
translating / 2.2.1 translating / 2.2.1
edit contest / 2.2.1 edit contest / 2.2.1
contest photos / 2.2.1 contest photos / 2.2.1
edit photo / 2.2.1 edit photo / 2.2.1
form builder / 2.2.1 form builder / 2.2.1
contest themes / 2.2.1 contest themes / 2.2.1
vote frequency / 2.2.1 vote frequency / 2.2.1
contest security / 2.2.1 contest security / 2.2.1
addons page / 2.2.1 addons page / 2.2.1

Contest examples

More functionality? Try these extensions!

premium BuddyPress addon


Show user contest photos in BuddyPress profile.
premium Amazon S3 icon

Amazon S3

Save contest images in Amazon cloud!

Pay For Action

Take entry fee from users that want participate in contest. ...
premium gallery addon

Gallery PRO

Add unlimited images to one contestant!
premium promo-icon

Popup Promo

Add banner/html ads to voting/sharing popup.


Simple, flexible, easy to install and configure, reasonably priced, and comes with excellent customer service. Thank you, Maxim, for a quality and reliable product. 5/5 stars

The plugin is great, but the best part is the support! Max is a really nice guy, he always answered to my questions and he helped me with my website! Buy this plugin with your eyes closed, it works fine and the visits of my website boosted in 3 days! 4.9/5 stars

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