General questions

Can I create several contests?
Yes, you can have an unlimited number of contests at the same time.

Can I place several contests on the same page?
Yes (from version 2.2.207).

Can I place several upload forms on one page (for one or different contests)?

Are plugin skins from Demo included in the package?
Yes, everything that you see in the all Demo pages are included.

Can I get a fully working plugin to test it before I buy it ?
You can get demo version with some voting limits (send me a message for get it).

Can I edit the plugin files so I can fulfill my requirements?
Yes, of course, however updating the plugin will be perilous. It is better to use child themes and hooks / filters.

Can I hide the vote count?
Yes, in Global Contest Settings.

What is the procedure for installing the photo contest ? Where will it be located on the site?
It can be placed in any page/article on the site (via a shortcode).

Will the plugin affect the site loading speed ?
Scripts and styles are only displayed on the vote page, site speed should be mostly unaffected if you:
– Use pictures of adequate size (500 – 1000 kb )
– Have no more than 100-150 contestants on one page

Can I change the order of the pictures on the site?
Yes: newest first, older first, most votes first, least votes first, A-Z by name, Z-A by name.

Is it possible to use the plugin on another site / subdomain ?
Yes, if you buy the multidomain version of the plugin.

How do I insert a contest in a page?
With the shortcode [fv id="contest_id"], put it anywhere in the post / page.

Is there a total maximum limit of the contestants ?
The plugin does not have limits.

Voting questions

Is it possible to increase votes with fraud?
This plugin has a lot of security features but any protection can be circumvented if enough time and motivation are put into breaking it. There are a lot of fraud services such as exchangecircle.com or addmefast.com

Can I vote without sharing to a social network?
Yes. Voices are stored in the database and it is possible to use social networks only to get more visitors.

Do users need to be registered for vote?
It depends on your settings. You can select a lot of security types: site registration, social authorization, IP and cookie checks…

Is it possible to secure the contest via MAC address?
No, this is unfortunately not possible using PHP. However many security techniques are being used by this plugin.

Upload questions

Can I upload photos from the admin panel?

Do users need to be registered/logged in to upload?
It depends on your settings as well. You can allow upload for everyone or just for logged users.


Where do I need put the plugin translation (.po, .mo) in my language in order to don’t lost it after update?
Place files into /wp-content/languages/plugins/wp-foto-vote-uk_UA.mo (* please reaplce “uk_UA” to your lang code).


Where can I download plugin?
When you purchase a plugin, an email will be sent to your Email address (that you enter in Payment form). Click on the download link in the email to download the plugin.

How fast I can download plugin?
With Paypal: Immediately if your domain url will pass our automated validation.
With 2Checkout: Immediately after fraud check (usally takes about 30 mins), if your domain url will pass our automated validation.

How do I update plugin?
You can automatically update plugin in Plugins menu (if you license active).

How do I update addons?
You can automatically update some addons in Plugins menu (Lightbox Inspired, etc). For other – need login to user cabintet and download updated version.


What is the license of plugin / addons?
All plugins are released under GNU General Public License version 2+.

Can I change the site URL in Single/Professional domain package later?
Yes, if you license not expired.

Can I use plugins on multiple websites?
Yes, with multisite license.

What happens when my license expires?
The product will continue to work after your license expires. You are free to continue using the product for as long as you like, but you will not receive support and updates for the product any longer.


How can I have invoice for purchased plugins?

Please send me an email via Contact form with your company’s details. I will send you a PDF invoice.

Last change 15 July 2016

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