Frontend Manage

Have you ever seen websites that allow users to submit posts or other type of content? It’s a pretty popular way to attract user-generated content and get visitors involved.

Do you want to have user-submitted content on your site?

Frontend Manage addon enables your visitors to submit new contests and manage them from the front-end without ever visiting your admin area.

Administrator can:

  • Control which fields are displayed in the contest settings form and their labels
  • Choose what type of content use to place new contests: post or page
  • Choose category to save created post for contest (in case posts using)
  • Limit maximum count contests per user
  • Allow users delete his own contest

User can:

  • Add new voting competition (max count per user can be set in settings)
  • Manage contest settings / competitors (rotate image)
  • Moderate new entries (if turn on)
  • Delete own contest (if turn on)


Do I need any other addons to make this addon work?

No, you don’t.

What contest params can user manage?

In version 0.2 user can manage following params (if they are enabled in settings):

What happens when contest dates will expire?

It will be pick winners based on votes count. By default winners count is 3, and if param “How many winners pick?” is enabled – contest manager can change this number.

Where created contest will be displayed?

New post/page (depends on settings) creates for every new contest. Shortcode adds to post/page content to display contest gallery.

For example you can create new posts category “Contests” or “Users Contests” and save new posts with contests here.

Also you can use contests list shotcode to display them as a nice gallery.

Can I allow manage contests just for users with specified roles?

Yes, you can! In addon settings you can enter list of roles that have access to this feature.

Does this addon compatible with Video contest addon?

Yes, it does!

What upload form will be used for all user submitted contests?

Default form will be used. Of course you can assign another form to any contest from WordPress Dashboard.

Can I moderate user submitted competitions?

There are no special moderaion option (as with photos), but you always can check new contests from WordPress Dashboard and delete ones that do not comply with the website rules.

Short video review:


0.2 ## 08/08/2017

  • – added fields configurator
  • – added blocks configurator (description, featured image)
  • – added option to Allow/Disallow users delete own contests
  • – added “Winners” tab in admin when contest finished

/0.1 ## 21/01/2017

  • – release