Instagram #hashtag contest

A platform built on visual engagement, Instagram is the top social media network for visual branding. Furthermore, because the platform encourages sharing the most interesting moments in life, it has become a driver for social desire and envy. Hosting an Instagram competition can generate significant brand awareness and purchase intent.

This addon give you ability get all photos from Instagram with specified #hashtag and insert to contest as local entries.

The perfect tool to increase your website activity and social traffic with WordPress Instagram Contest!

How it works

Every N minutes (15, 30, …) runs script that:

  • Get list photos by #hashtag (up to 360 items) [just if Contest upload dates are currently active, else contest will be skipped]
  • Process each photo (download new photos to WordPress media library + add to contest and sync likes count for exists, if this option enabled)

Important notes:

When images are added from Instagram they contains just:

  • nickname
  • caption
  • image

Any other information (like email, etc) can’t be collected.

Addon installation:

  1. Install as plugin and activate
  2. Naviage to “Photo contest” => “Addons” and set up addon settings
  3. Create new contest and set up Hashtag and Name & Description templates


Does this addon require any API keys?


Is there any limits to photos count?

By default per iteration addon get max ~360 last photos and download max 110 photos.

If you have too many entries per short time (> 110 per 15 minutes) you can increase how deep to crawl with:

define('FV_IG_MAX_PAGES_PER_RUN', 3); // Increase deep up to max ~570 per iteration

Why numers are about? Because Intagram can return a slightly different count per request (usually about 180-190).

Note: if enabled Sync likes count, then plugin will run as above and after get all not processed photos for sync Likes for them. In case too many total photos in feed (> 1000), there was a change that your server IP will be temporary blocked.

Can I use default upload form together with Instagram Submit?

Yes, you can.

How can I limit Instagram Submit dates?

Script will add new photos from Instagram just if Contest upload dates are currently active.

Does addon supported Videos?

No, all videos will be skipped.


/* version 0.9 # 16.02.2016 */ ** REQUIRED 2.2.509

  • – [tweak] Code & performance improvements
  • – [tweak] Contest settings migrated to new Contest Settings API

/* version 0.8 # 16.02.2016 */ ** REQUIRED 2.2.373

  • – [tweak] added notice, if DISABLE_WP_CRON defined in wp-config.php (can be removed via defining FV_IG_SKIP_DISABLED_WP_CRON)

== version 0.7 # 3.02.2016 ==

  • [tweak] better settings values sanitization
  • [fix] compatibility fix with >= 2.2.373

== version 0.6 # 30.11.2016 == ** REQUIRED 2.2.373

  • [fix] fixed bug with moderation (photos was published automatically, even if Moderation enabled in Contest config)

== version 0.5 # 25.11.2016 == ** REQUIRED 2.2.373

  • restored intagram parsing after Intagram api update

== version 0.4 # 11.11.2016 == ** REQUIRED 2.2.373

  • now contest option “Max photos per user” can be also applied for Instagram photos
  • bug with Emoji

== version 0.3 # 10.11.2016 == ** REQUIRED 2.2.373

  • option to block removed photos
  • ability edit list of blocked photos
  • better Emoji support
  • fix for missed spaces between Hashtags (like “#aaa#bbb#sdfdfsdf#dfgdfggf”) – this broken contest layout

== version 0.2 # 03.11.2016 ==

  • Added option “Where to save image” with CDN (not need download images to hosting), CDN + WP and WP options
  • If used not WP option – rotation was disabled

v0.1 / October 27, 2016

  • Initial release

To do list:

  • Add ability fetch Videos
  • ++ Add ability to use Instagram CDN instead download image local or donwload image but whatever use Instagram CDN