Show contest

In the photo contest shortcodes, you can change the global settings of the design styling by using the ‘theme‘ attribute.

[fv id="##" theme="fashion"]
(don’t forget to fill the contest id)

Show upload form

If you want to place an upload form in a page other than that of the contest, you need to use:

[fv_upload_form contest_id="##" show_opened="false" upload_theme="default"]

Show countdown

[fv_countdown contest_id="##" type="default"]
Parameter “type”: countdown design. If empty, the option from Contest settings will be used.

Show contest leaders

[fv_leaders contest_id="##" hide_title="false" type="text,block,block_2,table_1,table_2"]

Parameter “type”: leaders design (need select one of list params).

Show contest list (beta mode)

[fv_contests_list type="active,upload_opened,finished" count=""]
Note: your need to select one of the following options: active/upload_opened/finished.

Last update: December 26, 2015