Common problems & mistakes

Voting issues:

Problem: When I click Vote I see the following message: “Error: Syntax error […]”
How to fix: 
1. Update the plugin
2. Go to Photo contest => Settings => Voting and disable “Use fast voting option?
3. Contact with support if doing this did’t help.

Problem: When I click Vote the spinner never ends spinning.
How to fix: Propably the plugin is being used on an incorrect domain.

Problem: When I click Vote I see the following message: “An error has occurred. Please contact the administrator!
How to fix: Try refresh the page and vote again.

Problem: I can vote, but when I try to upload, I see an error.
How to fix: If you don’t see enough details in the upload error, try those two actions:
1. Navigate to Photo contest => Debug and check Debug Log
2. Disable Anti-spam plugins like “Clean Talk” and try uploading again.

Sharing issues:


I’ve added the Facebook app ID, which is active, but when I use the share button to Facebook I get something like this:

Which doesn’t show the image. Can you tell me how to fix it?

How to fix: 

Problem happens because of the All in One SEO Pack plugin (Social Meta feature).

To fix this go to the All in One SEO Pack -> Social Meta submenu and change this option:

Last updated: 7 August, 2018