Dropbox Backuper

This addon is a replacement for old Dropbox addon.

The main focus of old Dropbox addon – is ability to fully remove image and thumbnail from hosting and save in cloud.

But the main problem is a very slow speed of uploading and regenerating thubmnails in Dropbox.

However new addon is a few changed it focus. Now it main feature is to make cloud copy of each uploaded image (in backround).

And when contest end you can delete all contest data & images, wihtout lost images.

If you need images for long term usage – it’s recommended use Сloudinary addon.


  1. Install addon as plugin
  2. Create Dropbox App in Dropbox Developers
  3. Go to Photo contest => Addons and configure settings

Addon supports:

  • Upload images in backgorund to Dropbox
  • Delete images from Dropbox, when contestsant is deleted (optional)

How it works:

Every 20 mins when backgorund cron actions was runned. It check is there any not synced images and upload them to Dropbox.


/* 24/11/2017 # v0.1 */
– released