Dropbox [deprecated]

I recommend to use Сloudinary addon – it works faster & more targeted work with images.

Soon will be released new addon – Dropbox Backuper, that allow save copy of uploaded images to Dropbox.


  • 1. Install addon as plugin
  • 3. Create Dropbox App in Dropbox Developers
  • 2. Go to Photo contest => Add-ons and configure settings
  • 4. Test and setup best thumbnail size in Photo contest => Settings

Addon supports:

– upload images from public site pages into Dropbox
– delete images from Dropbox, where contestant deleted
– Rotate images saved in Dropbox

Now addon not supports:

– change thumbnail size after upload into Dropbox
– hard crop images on upload for settings thumbnail size
– change photo thumbnail url in admin

How it works:

When user upload image it uploads into hosting, in the temporary folder, creates thumbnail and uploads into Dropbox. After removes images from hosting.


29/12/2015 v0.5

– added support Addons API v2

21/06/2015 v0.3

– revrited saving Api key for exclude some problems

20/05/2015 v0.2
– improved unique filename generating for exclude problems