Extending a license

If your license has been expired – you can extend it. This allows to enable updates and support.

Extend for 2 years

Single & Professional

$28 *

save 14% in difference with 1 year

Business (multisite)

$66.9 *

save 25,6% in difference with 1 year

Swith Single&Pro to Business

$86.8 *

19.9$ switch fee + 66.8$ for 2 years

Extend for 1 year

Single & Professional

$16 *

Business (multisite)

$45 *

If you already have “Business” package

Swith Single&Pro to Business

$64.9 *

19.90$ switch fee + 45$ for 1 year


Important note:

If you already have Single site license (Single or Professional), you must purchase “Swith Single&Pro To Business” extending plan instead of “Business (Multisite)”.

What happens after payment?

Directly after your payment, you will receive a thanks message, much like after your purchase a plugin.

At support hours you will receive a message explaining that your payment has been reviewed and your license extended.

After that, you need go to plugin settings and click “Refresh license key data“, if this option is available in your plugin version.

If not, you can copy your key, paste it in the options and save. Doing this will refresh your license data.

Can I extend my license if it is ative?

Yes, of course. It will be extended from end date.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.