Popup Promo

Earn some money on your contests ☺

In addon settings you can:

  • Hide ADS in mobile
  • Select widnows, where show ADS
  • Change ADS position before / after content
  • Change ADS type: image & link / html code / FB Page widget

Addon allow showing AdSense code (in HTML mode).

Link to Ad placement policies – https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en-GB#Placing_ads_in_pop-up_windows


I don’t provide any guarantee that you AdSense account will be not banned and you will use this addon for you own risk.

From AdSense rules:

Ads in pop-up and pop-under windows

Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads in any window that is not initiated by an intentional user interaction (e.g., click). Additionally, Google ads may not be placed in any web browser window that lacks navigational controls, including back and forward browse buttons, and an editable URL field.

So generally displaying ADS in this way are not restricted (after user action).


If you select image banner, please use width at least 500 px and height max 200 px, to exclude inconvenience for your visitors.

If popup size will be smaller, banner image will be scaled.


  1. Install as plugin and activate
  2. After go to Photo contest => Addons for set up settings
  3. Open Contest page and check result

== version 0.5 # 1.04.2017 == ** Required WP Foto Vote version 2.2.504

  • – Added Instagram Widget type
  • – Improvements and compatibility fixes with WP Foto Vote 2.2.504

== version 0.4 # 1.09. 2016 ==

  • – Now possible set AD Image & Link for each contest (or jsut global)
  • *- Main file path passing

== Januray 9, 2016 > version 0.3 ==

  • Addons API v2 + fixes

== November 24, 2015 > version 0.2 ==

  • Public release