Photos filter – deprecated

Deprecated since main plugin version 2.2.803 (it has full categories support).

This addon allow you create dropdown in toolbar, that can be user for filter by photo name, category, etc.

In dropdown shows all unique values from selected field.

When user select value in filter list, page reloads, and user see photos just from selected category.

Default usage:

  • In upload form create Dropdown with categories, that saves to Description field
  • In addons settings set up filter by Description


  • On upload user select photo category
  • In images list possible filter photos by one category

In addon settings you can change:

  • Enable/disable addon
  • Dropdown label
  • Empty value text
  • Select field, by what will be created filter


Addon works just with enabled toolbar.

Secuirty note:

If in upload form user can write his custom category, then recommended use “Before” photos moderation to exclude your site hacking.


  1. Install as plugin and activate
  2. After go to Photo contest => Addons for set up settings.
  3. Set up (if need) form fields

== July 5, 2017 > version 0.41 ==

  • – Small fixes (sql DISTINCT make first, include_once => include)

== January 7,2016 > version 0.2 ==

  • Addons API v2
  • Fix in select possible filter values
  • Now filter value max lenght is 35 symbols (all more cropped)

== October 31, 2015 > version 0.1 ==

  • initial release