Like Facebook page for vote

Doesn’t work after some of FB updates >>

This addon allow increase your Facebook busines page subscribers, by requiring user like if before vote for photo.

In addon settings you can change:

  • Group for get Likes
  • Allow or Disallow vore users, that don’t have Facebook account
  • Popup modal Title and Description
  • enable WPML support
  • enable Google Analytics social traking (send data to GA, when user Like/Unlike page)

In contest settings you can:

  • Disalbe FB Like addon for that contest
  • Change global Group ID settings

Notice (applies just for not logged in users!):

If user liked page, voted and try vote from other browser, he will see like popup again, because session saves in Cookies for 30 days, and in new PC / browser plugin don’t know that user already like your page.

Because of this he must unlike you page, and like it again and after can vote.

This issue can be fixed just if add permission for FB app get user likes, but this way for using FB apps not compatible with FB policy and not possbile to using. And this issue also exists in other like plugins, as example this.


  1. Install as plugin and activate
  2. After go to Photo contest => Addons for init settings.
  3. Next go to contest editing page and select in field “Voting security” value “ip+cookies+evercookie + Facebook Like Page (required FB app ID)” not need in version 0.5+


== version 0.5 > April 20, 2017 ==

  • [new] Comatibily fixes with main plugin version 2.2.500+
  • [new] Now possible override global FB Group settings in each contest
  • [new] If user logged in – he need like group just once, and result will be saved in user meta (until FB Group ID will be chagned)

== April 2, 2016 > version 0.41 ==

  • fixed little mistake

== December 30, 2015 > version 0.4 ==

  • addons API v2 support

== September 16, 2015 > version 0.2 ==

  • mobile fixes

== September 14, 2015 > version 0.1 ==

  • initial release