Gallery PRO

By default plugin allows add items to competitor gallery only from admin.

With this addon all extra imges will be added to Competitor gallery instead of creating many competitors during public upload (and multiupload enabled).


  • If users submitted more than 1 photo per one upload then extra images will be added to gallery (you must enable multiupload in Form Builder!)
  • With this addons better use Venobox Ligtbox, it allow group images (when user click on photo, he can go to next/prev image for this contestant) and voting in extra gallery images work without problems or Lightbox Inspired.
  • Now this addons supports just this themes: pinterest, default & classik (more can be added by request).


  1. Install as plugin and activate
  2. Naviage to “Photo contest” => “Addons” and set up addon settings
  3. Go to contest editing page and click Edit at any contestant – you must see extra images rows


## ver. 0.8 / 03.05.2018 ## * require 2.2.711

  • added ability to upload other file types with applying extra filter

## ver. 0.7 / 12.12.2017 ## * require 2.2.711

  • all features except upload processing moved to GalleryCore addon (included to core plugin) to avoid duplicate code

## ver. 0.6 / 17.09.2016 ##

  • comatibility with WP Foto Vote >= 2.2.350
  • small php warnings fix
  • now contestant extra images shows also in contest editing page (list)

## ver. 0.4 / 16.04.2016 ##

  • added option to limit extra photos Size (mb) on Public upload

## ver. 0.3 / 18.02.2016 ##

  • added output into Single photo page
  • added class to gallery list img

v0.1 / February 10, 2016

  • Release