With Cloudinary service and addon, all your images are automatically uploaded, normalized, optimized and backed-up in the cloud instead of being hosted on your servers.

Cloudinary can manipulate and transform your images online, on-the-fly, directly from your WordPress console. Enhance your images using every possible filter and effect you can think of. All manipulations are done in the cloud using super-powerful hardware, and all resulting images are cached, optimized (smushed and more) and delivered via a lightning fast content delivery network (CDN).

Image StorageImage Storage

  • All your images are stored in a cloud-based persistent storage.
  • Scales to Terabytes and more.
  • Highly available redundant storage.
  • All your photos are automatically backed-up, including revision tracking.

Fast images DeliveryFast images Delivery

  • All your images are automatically delivered via a lightning-fast world-wide Content Delivery Network (CDN).
  • Images are smartly cached for performance optimization, using every best practice in the book.
  • Multiple CDN sub-domains (Domain Sharding).

Image OptimizationImage Optimization

  • Your images are automatically optimized. Their file size is reduced and they are delivered faster to your visitors.
  • Stripping meta data.
  • Converting formats.
  • Optimizing compression.

Addon installation:

  1. Install addon as plugin
  2. Create free account in Cloudinary
  3. Go to Photo contests => Addons menu and set up access variable

Addon supports:

  • upload images from public site pages into Cloudinary
  • delete images from Cloudinary, when contestsant deleted
  • rotate images saved in Cloudinary
  • change thumbnail size after upload
  • change thumbnail quality and other params on the fly
  • highlight Cloudinary photos in admin
  • if enabled thumbnails “hard crop size” in plugin settings, than automatically enables face detection mode, for better peoples cropping
  • pick photos from Cloudinray Media library (in admin, since ver 0.5)

How it works:

When user upload image it uploads into hosting temporaty folder and uploads into Cloudinary. After removes images from hosting.


15/06/2015 v0.1

  • Initial release

v0.2 / January 10, 2016

  • Addons API v2 support

v0.3 / August 25, 2016

  • Now plugin does not need those plugin for work